New York Lottery's Powerball

Dollar Type – Behind-the-Scenes


When New York Lottery's Powerball doubled it's starting jackpots from $20 million to $40 million, winners would be the kind of rich where money was no object. The Lottery needed a campaign to help inspire the imaginations of New Yorkers and drive ticket sales.

After launching the "Yeah, that kind of rich." campaign, which included TV spots and photographic posters, we decided to create a headline poster campaign to go along with it; we wanted something memorable that featured unique typography. The idea was to use stacks of real $100 bills to create an entire set of characters, then use those to build the headlines.

To help accomplish this, we hired designer/typographer Craig Ward, who invited us to his studio to create the type. We sculpted each individual letter from one or two stacks of cash, photographing each along the way, then Craig painstakingly built each headline from the letterforms captured.

Here's a short video documenting the process.


Associate Creative Director (Art)
Tony Bartolucci

Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Colin Lapin

DDB New York

Chief Creative Officer
Matt Eastwood

Executive Creative Director
Menno Kluin

Group Creative Director
Rich Sharp

Group Creative Director
Mike Sullivan

Craig Ward

Juan Carlos Pagan

Jeff Scardino

Bill Wadman

Assistant Designer
Niral Parekh

Assistant Typographer
Joao Unzer

Assistant Typographer
Rodrigo DeCastro