New York Lottery's Powerball



When New York Lottery's Powerball doubled it's starting jackpots from $20 million to $40 million, winners would be the kind of rich where money was no object. The Lottery needed a campaign to help inspire the imaginations of New Yorkers and drive ticket sales.

This series of commercials was created specifically to run during times when Powerball jackpots reach $100 million or more, letting players know it's the perfect time to stock up on tickets.

In this one, a man regrets not going in on a Powerball ticket with his roommates.




Associate Creative Director (Art)
Tony Bartolucci

Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Colin Lapin

DDB New York

Chief Creative Officer
Matt Eastwood

Executive Creative Director
Menno Kluin

Group Creative Director
Rich Sharp

Group Creative Director
Mike Sullivan

David Shane

Head of Production
Ed Zazzera

Executive Producer
Walter Brindak

Ralph Laucella

Production Company
O Positive