“The Big Chase”


ASICS has always been the go-to brand for elite and marathon runners. But they were chasing a new breed of runners who don't care about personal bests or marathon medals. They run to socialize and have new experiences. To attract this young audience we gave them an event that let them do both.

The Big Chase. The first experience to combine social running with immersive theater. We thrust 60 influential runners from around the world into a film noir thriller, choreographed across a 5k course through downtown LA.

The event used a customized tracking system to guide teams through the course. As they made their way through a maze of iconic LA landmarks, theatrical performances and interactions unfolded all around them.




Creative Director
Tony Bartolucci

Senior Copywriter
Joe Craig

Chase Kimball

180 Amsterdam

Chief Creative Officer
Al Moseley

Executive Creative Director
Dave Canning

Executive Creative Director
Dan Treichel

Celia Armitage

Agency Head of Production
Bethany Papenbrock

Agency Executive Producer
Colin Pueschner

Agency Producer
Eline de Roo

Production Company

Executive Creative Director for HELO
Tom Webster

Executive Producer
Brendan Kiernan

Executive Producer
James Okumura

Immersive experience created by:

Experiential Director
Annie Saunders

Experiential Producer
Mitch Kirsch

Film Director
Zach Guerra

Film producer
Keith Carlsen

Noah Kistler

Director of Photography
Michael Svitak